Welcome to Nostalgia!

TEMPORARILY DOWN! The Nostalgia Public NetHack Server will soon move to a dedicated server for more reliable and faster service.

All game data etc is safe - I just got tired of the crappy service of ADSL over 6km of copper... Stay tuned.

Currently running NetHack 3.4.3


To play, or watch, just telnet to nostalgia.suroot.com (port 23)

or try it out right now in your browser!



NetHack is a very complex game. It took me more than a decade to beat it the first (and only) time...

If you are a beginner I would recommend the Guidebook to get started.


Used software: Linux (CentOS 5), lighttpd, dgamelaunch 1.4.6, NetHack 3.4.3

NetHack patches installed: menucolor, hpmon, dump

To contact your local Wizard, use mail address found in the telnet session. This dungeon is located in Sweden.