Some events on this site:               

  Yep, Nostalgia has been down for a while. The server finally stopped
  breathing after some caps went bad. I got new H/W, but since playing
  is very limited I didn't get around to actually moving the website+
  NetHack to the new server. ADSL just don't cut it when it comes to
  long distance copper (6km+ in my case). Packet loss sometimes and
  overall unreliable.

  Dedicated virtual servers are cheap these days. Therefore, I've
  decided to move the NetHack server and this website to one of those.
  Latency and reliability should be better than ever. The server is
  already up and running, I just need to get around to put NetHack
  up there and move all existing data. I have less time these days
  than in the past, but it WILL get done.

  Link will be provided here once I've decided on a domain name :)

  Lightning once again took out Nostalgia. This time it came through
  the power lines, it seems, since all NICs survived. PSU and some
  RAM was fried though :(

  Lightning decided to knock out pretty much every NIC connected to
  my LAN so Nostalgia has been down for a couple of days. Everything
  is repaired again now.

  Finally got around to get php5 and all that goes with it into the
  chroot jail. In fact the entire jail for the web server was remade
  from scratch since it was based on older libs from the old server. 

  For now the only visible change is a working Contact form though ;)

  Nostalgia hardware upgraded. We went from some spare junk (AMD 
  Athlon 2500, mismatched memory modules and so on), we will now be
  running on a P4 2.8 GHz cooled by a Zalman heat sink (I want it to
  be quiet dammit! ;) ), 3 GB RAM (RAM is for free almost these days)
  and a couple of GBit NICs since I was reconstructing my LAN from
  scratch anyway. I think it should be enough to keep NetHack running
  fast :P

  Next will be the PSU I guess. The PSU fan sometimes makes funny noises
  when it's cold (which doesn't happen often, but not a good sign).
  Everything has been cleaned as well so expect Nostalgia to be around
  in the future too. (Yeah I know, noone plays anymore anyway but maybe
  one day there will be a new NetHack version. We will be here then. :) )

  I noticed today NetHack would not start because of a stale lock file.
  I have no idea how this happened, although the system log files showed
  more SELinux weirdness tied to dgamelaunch than usual. Possibly someone
  looking to crack the server managed to crash a process or something.
  (Don't bother - it's in a chroot jail with nothing but NetHack in there)

  Anyway, problem is fixed. There was crashed game also on the server
  belonging to Qhuesten. The level 0 file was missing (really weird) so
  recover would not piece together a save file. Fortunately this file
  hadn't changed in a while so it was recovered from my backups. Recover
  then went well and it seems fine now when I tested the savegame. 

  Sorry for the downtime.

If I were a NetHack monster, I would
be a unicorn. Most people are only
after one thing - I try to maintain a
quiet and respectful distance until I
feel sure that I can trust someone.
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2008-02-25 Telia was faster than expected, and did what was supposed to be the permanent fix a couple of days ago. Since I was not at home when the temporary line was disconnected, this caused some unexpected downtime for a couple of days. Sorry about that. The "fix" did not work so well, and the temporary line was removed as mentioned. A call to the service technician, who was very friendly, resulted in him promising to put back the temporary line today, and then later dig the place up and put a brand new cable through the ground, so things are looking pretty good :) 2008-02-14 Added some basic packet shaping to decrease latency. My tests so far show this helps a LOT when the line is used for other things. This became more needed now that the connection is a bit slower but should actually have been done a long time ago. It's still not perfect always but there is a big difference. I will continue fine tuning. 2008-02-13 As expected, the downtime was longer than expected. (Hmmm...) Basically it could have been back up sooner, but since there were constant DSL disconnects I preferred to wait 'til the connection was stable. I am now running on a temporary line, running over my lawn :P There will be some (short) downtime when the permanent new cable is installed, but that could be weeks or months so consider it stable for now *knocks on wood*. The old line was in very bad shape and basically unusable, this is what caused the delay. Sorry about that. 2008-01-21 Nostalgia will go down 2008-01-25 because I am moving. My new ISP has promised I will have connectivity on 2008-01-29, but seeing the state the cables are in the house where I'm moving, I'm sceptical. :P Hopefully Nostalgia will only be down a few days, but could possibly be gone for weeks. It WILL be back however. 2007-06-13 I finally got around to rewriting the html score board script from scratch. I took a slightly different approach to the parsing and now it works perfectly. *knocks on wood* 2007-05-09 Due to major hardware failure Nostalgia has been down for a while. Fear not however, since all data was salvaged. Nostalgia is now back on new hardware that will hopefully last a few more years :) I've tried not to miss anything, but should you discover anything not working properly, please send me a mail. The address can be found in the telnet session. (Die, spambots!) (I might have to take the server down briefly at some point, should there be the need for some tweaking, but should be really quick fixes) 2006-10-09 Late last night there was a major power outage in Gothenburg. Nostalgia went down of course (sorry, no UPS in my closet :P ). All active games are now recovered. 2006-07-06 Nostalgia has been down a few days from what I understand. Unfortunately I have been in the hospital for a week due to a really bad infection (I'm fine again now though) so there was no way for me to fix things. Sorry about this! 2006-05-30 Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Server seems to be working good however, and I check every now and then for a new NetHack version, to make sure Nostalgia at the very least has the latest version of the game up and running! ttyrecs older than 90 days are now automatically gziped to save space. I have also met a fantastic Finnish girl :-)) *happy* (Hi Meri!) 2006-01-29 First changes in 2006 :) Zan wrote to me with a few suggestions about the site. The following has been fixed: - Hyperlinks were broken for .ttyrec files if using IE (surprise..) - Added link to win32 termrec in the ttyrecs index - Updated the main page reflecting that I actually have ascended these days :) - A few new links in the Links section Thanks for the input! 2005-12-09 Server is back up after what seems to be some kind of glitch in the NIC and/or it's driver. Since I was out of town when the problem arised the downtime was a little longer than it would have been otherwise. :-( Sorry for any inconvenience. 2005-06-26 On a personal note, I ascended for the first time ever today, after about 10 years of playing :-) 2005-06-19 History was written on Nostalgia as Zan, a Monk, made the first Ascension on the server. Congratulations Zander! Another bug in the HTML score board generation was found and fixed. 2005-05-31 Fixed a bug in the HTML score board generation. 2005-05-29 Scoring system tweaked. It now takes at least 500 points to make it to the hiscore list. On the other hand, the list now holds up to 1000 entries. Also, there is no limit on the number of entries per player/race/etc. A recompile was needed for this. However, all savegames and bones are compatible. 2005-05-16 Changed the way the html files are generated. Hopefully this will prevent the blank pages sometimes experienced. This changelog was created. 2005-04-19 Added the dump patch. Memory files of all characters are now saved (see the "Dumps" link). They are overwritten when the same player finishes another game. 2005-04-13 went online.